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Why vote Yes on Pasadena Measure H?

Mom & Pop landlords, homeowners, and the 62% of households who are renters agree—rent control will keep Pasadena affordable and protect all Pasadenans. With Pasadena Measure H, Pasadena will join the rest of Los Angeles County and cities around California that have enacted real and fair rent control. Measure H was written by local renters, landlords, and homeowners who want to establish real protections for Pasadena.

Corporate landlords are spending big to defeat this measure and protect their profits. But Measure H is fair for landlords and renters. It stops unfair evictions and runaway rent hikes, keeping Pasadena affordable for all of us!

Why does Pasadena need Rent Control?

Rents are up nearly 20% from last year, and a third of Pasadena renter households pay half or more of their income on rent. We all know the score: skyrocketing rents means our children can’t find housing here. It means families can’t put down roots. It means more evictions. 

Pasadena rent control keeps costs stable for working families. This means stable communities and preserving the diverse, family-friendly character of Pasadena.

Under Pasadena rent control, to the extent allowed by State law, rent increases would be limited to 75% of inflation every year after a tenancy is established. 75% of inflation typically works out to around 2-3% each year. Measure H limits rent increases to a reasonable level, while still allowing landlords a fair rate of return.

Why does Pasadena need Eviction Protections?

Right now, many of our neighbors can be legally evicted for any reason—including being replaced by someone willing to pay more. This is a major cause of gentrification, and it’s the reason why so many of our long-time neighbors are leaving Pasadena, or even becoming homeless.

Measure H gives renters basic stability by only allowing evictions if there is a “just cause,” like failure to pay rent, breach of lease, or an owner moving into the unit.

Vote YES on H to keep Pasadena affordable!

Don’t believe the lies from corporate landlords focused on protecting their profits. Rent control protects against corporate landlords’ outrageous rent increases by allowing predictable increases of 75% of annual inflation, while guaranteeing small landlords a fair return on their investment.  

Measure H was drafted by a diverse group of Pasadena residents, tenant advocates, homeowners and landlords, and placed on the ballot by over 15,000 Pasadena voters who all agree: We need rent control to keep Pasadena affordable.

Got more questions? Check out a more detailed breakdown of Measure H, or read the full text of the measure.