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Pasadena Measure H in the News

We condemn Councilmember Justin Jones’ smear campaign against Brandon Lamar

We, members of the Pasadena for Rent Control steering committee, categorically condemn the baseless attacks on Brandon Lamar by his opponent in the District 3 race for Pasadena City Council. This election has been marred by dirty campaigning in a way we haven’t seen in over 10 years and we feel compelled to correct the record.

As housing prices surge, rent control is back on the ballot (Associated Press)

With rental prices skyrocketing and affordable housing in short supply, inflation-weary tenants in cities and counties across the country are turning to the ballot box for relief. Supporters say rent control policies on the Nov. 8 ballot are the best short-term option to dampen rising rents and ensure vulnerable residents remain housed.

Peter Dreier: Why Measure H – and Rent Control – is Good for Business

Renters represent 57% of all Pasadena residents. Their total combined household income is roughly $3 billion a year. But if too much of renters’ incomes go directly into the landlords’ pockets, it limits how much renters can spend in local restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, and other retail businesses.  (This is what economists call “discretionary income”). 

Scott Harden: Measure H Key to Improving Educational and Health Outcomes for PUSD Children

The PTA Council is proud to join the PUSD Board of Education in encouraging Pasadena voters to vote YES on Measure H. What could be more in keeping with Pasadena’s community ethic than securing the future of the most vulnerable children and their families? Declining enrollment is a crisis facing all PUSD schools. Three elementary schools and one middle school closed in 2019 due to declining enrollment. If enrollment continues to decline, more closures will be in our future. Measure H is an urgently needed solution to help prevent this from happening.

Councilmember Jess Rivas: Accountability Is On the Ballot 

Measure H would bring urgently needed accountability to the landlords who prey upon this imbalance of power, which especially harms those with lower than average incomes. Under Measure H, when a tenant has habitability concerns that go unaddressed by the landlord, the tenant can appeal to the rent board for help to achieve a resolution. If the landlord still refuses to make the legally required repairs, the board can give the tenant a temporary reduction in rent until the problem is solved. Boards like this have existed throughout the state for decades and Pasadena should join them. 

LAist: Will Pasadena Be The Next City To Adopt Rent Control? Voters Will Decide This Election

“About 57% of households in Pasadena rent rather than own their home. Many renters told us they’re facing enormous financial pressure and an uncertain future.”

Rick Cole: Council Should Have Protected Tenants

“If your personal housing security depended on the tenant protections in Measure H, I think you know how you would vote. I ask you to give the same consideration to your neighbors whose housing security is in danger right now.
“Please, vote Yes on Measure H.”

PUSD Board Member Tina Fredericks Is A Renter: Vote Yes on Measure H

“Despite the disinformation circulating to confuse voters, the fact is the measure ensures two things:  fair rent increases that guarantee a fair return to landlords and just-cause eviction protections requiring landlords to have a good reason for evicting tenants.”

Pasadena’s Measure H: Facts and Fiction

The California Apartment Association and National Association of Realtors have been urging voters to reject Measure H, the citizen-proposed rent control and eviction protections measure on Pasadena’s November ballot.

Their literature is unsurprisingly full of tired, false arguments we’ve seen before – and doesn’t mention rent control or eviction protections even once!

Local Religious Organizations Endorse Measure H

 “Pasadena’s faith community has been indispensable to getting Measure H on the ballot,” said campaign leader Michelle White, who has a decades-long history of making affordable housing a reality. “We are honored to have important endorsements from congregations across Pasadena. They know the struggles that our neighbors are facing. They are our neighbors.” 

Sarah Oberholtzer: Measure H Makes Pasadena Safer

Voting YES on H for rent control in Pasadena not only transforms the lives of renters who desperately need protections against big corporate developers, but it also transforms this city. Pasadena becomes safer because more people can breathe easier. It becomes the city that we know and love again.

Union Station Homeless Services Endorses Measure H Calling It Homelessness Prevention

This week, Union Station Homeless Services announced their endorsement of Measure H, the rent control measure on the ballot in Pasadena, which will create vital, life-saving tenant protections for the over 60% of Pasadena households who rent their homes.

Abundant Housing LA Endorses Pasadena Rent Control Measure

“Rent stabilization is an important tool to protect renters from being forced to leave their long-time homes solely because their landlord wants to raise the rent, and the smart design of Measure H minimizes the risk of negative consequences for renters and the housing market overall,” said Abundant Housing executive director Leonora Camner.

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